Juan Diego Alvira showed his strict personal trainer in networks

The charismatic presenter of Snail News
Juan Diego Alvira
He touched his followers after showing the coach that accompanies him in his workouts. It is about nothing more and nothing less than his daughter Maria, who has fallen in love with more than one user of the network with his particular personality. Recently the journalist appeared on Instagram exercising, while the little girl gave him instructions, and netizens were fascinated by the adorable scene.

In the images you can see the communicator doing push-ups on a black mat and his daughter, saying with great emotion: “Dad, 1,2,3!” Seconds later, she decides to demand even more from him, so she approaches him, takes his head and pushes him towards the floor, increasing the degree of difficulty of the exercise. When it is finally time to rest, Alvira has to resign herself to continuing with physical activity, as Maria tests her endurance by quickly climbing onto her back before she can get up.

“How about the coach I got up?”wrote the presenter in the description of his most recent post.

So far his video has more than 3,000 ‘likes’ and has already exceeded 32,000 views. The positive comments do not stop coming, more and more Internet users are taking the time to flatter him and his tender daughter, some have even assured that they would like to have a coach like her.

“So demanding. Beautiful”, “I laughed like crazy, seeing how it helps dad, divine”, “She is beautiful. I want a trainer like that”, “What a judgment! And María del Mar is beautiful”, “what a good rest”, “just as beautiful as her father” and “beautiful trainer”, wrote some web surfers, who enjoyed the hard routine of the presenter

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