Juan Ignacio “Nacho” is the new eliminated in MasterChef Argentina: “There is a lack of flavor”

2023-06-05 03:24:35

The road to the decisive instances of MasterChef Argentina, had a new gala on Sunday and it was known who is the new one eliminated from the Telefé cooking contest. Wanda Nara, was announcing who should approach a locker, in the best style of Susana Giménez’s programs, which was part of the test. Aquiles and Juan Ignacio, had the dishes with the most negative returns by Germán Martitegui, Damián Betular and Donato de Santis.

The slogan was to prepare a salty dish of choice in 70 minutes.

But the test had a difficulty. There was a board with boxes, which each participant had to turn. They had an ingredient that had to be added to the preparation or the faces of the three judges, who were wild cards.

The first buzzers sounded after 15 minutes and were the most intense moments during the competition.

At the time of tasting, Juan Francisco was praised by the jury for the elaboration of the chipá.

Also Daniela, had a positive return. When Rodríio passed by, with his meatloaf, Damián Betular told him that the preparation was well done, although he asked that it be more orderly.

Antonio made spicy chicken. “It is not a catastrophe, but I expected something else”, It was the return of Betular for the young man from Salta.

An eliminated in MasterChef between Aquiles and Juan Ignacio

Aquiles and Juan Ignacio, had the preparations with the most negative returns.

“In between the reiterative and the lack of flavor, we are in trouble«, said Germain Martitegui to John Ignatius.

At the time of Achilles, “the filling lacks strength, it is not convincing,” Damián Betular told him when he tasted the chipa so’o.

“Nacho” was eliminated by decision of the jury. “Now, who makes the pasta?”Donato de Santis told him, highlighting how he always focused on these types of preparations.

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