Juan José Márquez’s lawyer said that his detention “is a vile and gross assembly” of the dictatorship of Maduro “to pressure Guaidó”

After the regime of Nicolás Maduro imputed Juan José Márquez for possession of explosive substances, this Thursday Joel Garcia, Juan Guaidó’s uncle’s lawyer, gave a press conference that he denounced that the file opened to his defendant after being arrested last Tuesday at the Maiquetía International Airport, “It’s a vile and gross assembly.”

“When we saw the procedural records, what we saw was a vile and gross assembly. For example, there is a single police record that subscribes to the DGCIM, which says that Juan Márquez had a suspicious attitude and presumed that he could commit a terrorist act, ”said the lawyer before the national media to international.

Garcia said that in the minutes, which he could access after swearing in as a defender of Márquez, “There are pure lies.”

He also considered that it is “absurd” to assume that he was going to commit terrorist acts or transport explosives, since he arrived in Caracas on a commercial flight of the Portuguese airline TAP, from Lisbon, where he was subjected to strict controls and security checks.

“How do you explain, for example, that you have not been accused of association to commit crimes, terrorism and treason? Why, with so many people in the airport that February 11, did not look for two witnesses for the review of Marquez? Without a doubt, Juan Márquez is an instrument to pressure Juan Guaidó, ” pointed.

Garcia said the next step in this process It will be the appeal of the custodial.

Romina Botaro, Márquez’s wife, said he still couldn’t see his partner, that the only contact he had so far was a brief phone call: “I haven’t seen him yet. At DGCIM they told me that I had to wait 30 days to see it; neither can our children see it. I could only talk to him on Wednesday afternoon when he called me and told me they were going to transfer him from the DGCIM of Boleíta (Caracas) to the Courts. ”

The woman acknowledged that she fears for her life, that of her children and that of her husband, who is in the hands of the DGCIM, whose agents “murdered the corvette captain Rafael Acosta Arévalo”.

Juan José Márquez entered the country on Tuesday afternoon after leaving Miami in the United States towards Lisbon, where they boarded a flight from the Tap Air Portugal airline, which departed to Caracas.

Márquez, who is Guaidó’s maternal uncle, accompanied the interim president on his flight back to Venezuela after a tour that took him through Europe and the United States.

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