Juan Laporta is the new president of FC Barcelona

Juan Laporta outperformed his rivals in the elections (Twitter)

Succeeded Juan Laporta In winning the position of President of Barcelona Club for a period of 4 years, subject to renewal, after the supervising committee announced The electionSunday, his victory with 54.28% of the vote, outperforming his two-way competitors Tony FrichaAnd Victor Font, to turn a dramatic page that lasted for several months, after the resignation of former President Josep Maria Bartomia.

Juan Laporta’s victory in the elections came as a result of the lawyer’s great experience and his great ability during the election campaign to persuade Barcelona club members to vote for him, as a result of the golden period that the Catalan team lived under his leadership in its first term between 2003 and 2010.

Juan Laporta enjoys the love of Barcelona club members and its vast fans in the world, in addition to a number of legends of the Catalan team, and current stars, as a result of the great history that he enjoys, due to the many titles achieved in his first period, especially the Champions League titles.

Juan Laporta, the 58-year-old, will not be easy in his position in the presidency of Barcelona, ​​because the financial conditions of the Catalan team do not bode well, as a result of the great crisis imposed by the Corona virus, in addition to the management problems left by the future president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, with everyone.

Juan Laporta aspires to restore things in Barcelona to their usual norm, which the fans are accustomed to, and to work on renewing the legend of Lionel Messi, so that he remains with the Catalan team in the next season, in addition to finding quick financial solutions, working to save the giant “LaLiga”.

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