Judge Carlos Alexandre orders seven defendants to be released from Tancos case

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In an order to which RTP had access, the judge ordered the release of defendants António Laranginha, Pedro Marques, Hugo Santos, Gabriel Moreira, João Pais and Fernando Santos. They are all suspected of involvement in the theft of arms from Tancos’ storerooms.

The release is due to the fact that it is impossible to hold the instructive debate until April 17, because of the new coronavirus.

It was the date on which preventive detention for the seven defendants ended.

In the order, there are six defendants who are prohibited from contacting each other and with witnesses, defendants and their families. They also cannot leave the country or the municipality of residence. They are also required to report twice a day to the authorities.

Defendant Filipe Abreu de Sousa, a military officer of the GNR, is subject to coercive measures identical to those of the other defendants and also to the suspension of the exercise of functions in the National Republican Guard



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