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Ghislaine Maxwell, ex-former Jeffrey Epstein employee, has to remain in jail pending trial. The federal judge refuses to release her on bail. Earlier today, she pleaded innocently for trafficking in minors and inciting prostitution.

She is accused of having young girls, including minors, before Epstein recruited. She risks 35 years in prison for that. Epstein himself died in prison in August 2019. Maxwell (58) was charged on six counts and pleaded per video.

Maxwell wanted to be released pending her trial by paying a $ 5 million bail. According to her lawyers, in prison she is at risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus and there is no risk of fleeing. The judge did not follow that line of reasoning and decided not to release her on bail.

Epstein’s ex was arrested in New Hampshire in early July after hiding for months. She was transferred to a Brooklyn prison on Monday. It is still unclear when it will come to trial.

Before the trial, her lawyers attempted to distance Epstein’s wife. Both had not been in contact for ten years before his suicide in prison, it sounds.

Maxwell has to appear in court for the first time on Tuesday. He will decide whether she can be released on bail.



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