Judicial reform against incest: where is the government?

Brigitte Macron initially hesitated. “We are entering a field on which I do not want …” she begins, when questioned, on TF1 Sunday evening, on the need for “judicial reform” to fight against incest. Then immediately, she advances: “I wish it, I hope so, I call with my wishes”.

A reflection has been underway at the Ministry of Justice and at the State Secretariat for Child Protection for a while now, while LREM deputy Alexandra Louis proposed a series of avenues in a report submitted to the government in December and that many voices call for the law to be reviewed in the area of ​​sexual violence against minors. But nothing is decided yet.

On this eminently sensitive and complex issue, brought to light by the Duhamel affair and the hashtag #MetooInceste, the government is walking on eggshells. ” We work. It is not related to business, but business reinforces the feeling that we have to move, that the work we were doing had to continue and intensify ”, says Adrien Taquet, the Secretary of State in Child Protection, which recalls this prerequisite: “It must be legally solid”.

At the heart of these reflections, in particular, the question of consent. “Today, the device as it exists prompts us to first question the child’s behavior, since we ask the question of his consent. However, we all see an asymmetry between a child and an adult, ”observes Adrien Taquet, who put the issue of the fight against incest on the table of the government seminar last Wednesday. “We are still at the stage of debate. The reflection is open, complete the entourage of the Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti.

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“It’s difficult to talk about it, it’s courageous to talk about it”

What about the prescription, also at the center of discussions, when many voices and associations are raised, there too, to ask for non-prescription? ” It is too early to tell. Go beyond 30 years (Editor’s note: at the present time the prescription is 30 years after the 18 years of the victim) can be complicated given the need to gather evidence. The question is to know what is translatable in the penal code and what produces results. If we want justice to pass, it must have the means to pass, ”explains the Ministry of Justice.

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Nothing has yet been decided in terms of timetable or legislative vehicle, but the work in progress in Parliament offers several windows of fire. In addition to a draft law on Child Protection, expected by the end of the first quarter, LREM deputy Alexandra Louis – who notably proposed the prohibition of sexual relations between a minor under 15 years old and a major, with exceptions, especially to take into account couples of young adolescents – also working on the preparation of a text.

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It is rare to see Brigitte Macron come forward publicly on work in progress. But this subject, which she follows closely, is “particularly dear” to her (her words). Everyone has in mind that she was an activist in the creation of a secretariat dedicated to Child Protection at the start of the five-year term. On Sunday, she also stressed that “all violence, whether physical violence, psychological violence, sexual violence against sponsored children” was at the center of the operation Yellow Pieces this year, that she had come promote on TF1. “It’s difficult to talk about it, it’s courageous to talk about it”, she also said, adding, while this subject which remains a deeply taboo subject: “It is absolutely necessary that these acts are known and that these acts are not silenced ”.

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