Judicial resolution allows Pablo Casellas to be released on bail

The Bayamón Court today declared María José Casellas Paredes the third custodian of her father, Pablo Casellas Toro, which will allow that once the defendant provides bail, he can be released.

The resolution of Judge Marta María Rosario establishes that “after studying the facts of the case and evaluating the motions presented and adopting by reference the grounds set forth above, making them an integral part of this Resolution, this Court determines that María José Casellas Paredes is the third, custodian of the accused, Mr. Pablo Casellas Toro ”.

According to the document, Casellas Paredes meets all the requirements to be a third-party custodian of his father.

The opinion maintains that the daughter has “great emotional ties with her father” and from the testimony it appears that she does not consider herself a victim.

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On May 27, 2020, the Court of First Instance (TPI) of Bayamón held -by videoconference- the hearing to set bail and through a Resolution imposed a bail of one million dollars for the crime of murder in the first degree; $ 500,000 for the crime of destruction of evidence, and $ 500,000 for the violation of Article 5.15 of the Weapons Law. In all three crimes, Electronic Supervision with ‘Lock Down’ was imposed as a Special Condition. In addition, the court of first instance demanded as another special condition the appearance of a third custodian “to be evaluated and qualified by the Office of Pretrial Services in order to be released from prison.”

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On June 3, 2020, the Office of Pre-Trial Services (OSAJ) presented an Informative Motion regarding the Conditions of Electronic Supervision, Third Custodian and Domicile. In the same, she indicated that, at the time of rendering her report on May 28, 2020, a relative had not presented herself to be evaluated as a third custodian, but that that same day, Ms. María José Casellas Paredes was interviewed,.

The PSAJ Pre-Trial Service Program (PSAJ) concluded that Casellas Paredes could not exercise the necessary control over his father, Mr. Casellas Toro to guarantee compliance with the conditions imposed.

Faced with this determination, the TPI ordered Casellas Toro’s lawyers to present another person as a third custodian.

On June 11, 2020, Mr. Casellas Toro submitted a Brief Requesting Reconsideration as to a Third Custodian. Later, the appellative ordered to hold a hearing.


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