Judo: Stéphane Nomis takes the head of the Federation

Thunderclap to the French Judo Federation. Stéphane Nomis, 50, was elected president, defeating Jean-Luc Rougé who, at 71, was running for a fifth term. Stéphane Nomis obtains nearly 60% of the votes at the end of an electric campaign.

Everything opposed the two men: the style, the vision of judo, the mode of communication. Company manager, Stéphane Nomis relied on former high-level athletes such as Gévrise Emane, Frédérique Jossinet and Frédéric Demontfaucon, when Jean-Luc Rougé surrounded himself with his close guard, composed in particular of very high-ranking officers and renowned champions like David Douillet.

It is an important page which is turned. Jean-Luc Rougé had held the position of president for sixteen years and had previously been national technical director and general manager. He will have spent more than forty years in federal authorities.

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