Francisco Martínez’s sister questioned that the minister from Court of Appeals of Valdivia, Ana María Llanos, has not been disqualified in the hearing that modified the precautionary measure of the Carabinero who killed the juggler in Panguipulli, considering that she is the mother of a police officer.

As a mockery, he described the change to the precautionary measure of the Carabineros second sergeant, Juan Guillermo González, accused by the Public Ministry as the author of the murder of his brother.

In addition, he questioned the impartiality of the minister of the Valdivia court of appeals, since the lawyer is the mother of a police officer on duty.

“He has a sympathetic relationship with the Carabineros, so he will not rule in favor of Francisco. He killed one person in front of everyone and was released. It seems like a joke to me, ”he said.

The woman explained that together with the lawyer representing her family, they will request that the decision of the high court be annulled, since they consider that the minister should have been disqualified and did not rule out going to the Supreme Court.