Julie Allemand forfeits the last Euro qualifying window

The news broke on Tuesday: Victim of a muscle injury to the adductors, Julie Allemand is “out” for at least three weeks. If this does not suit Montpellier and his coach Thibaut Petit, this injury is also synonymous with a withdrawal for the next two meetings of the Belgian Cats.

During the first week of February, and once again in an airtight bubble organized by FIBA ​​in Portugal (in Matosinhos this time), the Belgian Cats will indeed play the last window of qualifying for Euro 2021 which must take place from 17 to next June 27 in France (Strasbourg) and Spain (Valence).

If this injury is annoying for Julie Allemand, it is unlikely that it is due to overload. After the short but intense WNBA season, the pace has indeed slowed down for the Liégeoise whose club withdrew from the women’s Euroleague because of the health situation. For the Cats too, this package is boring but not catastrophic either since our compatriots are already assured of the first place in the group and therefore of their qualification. They can no longer be caught and therefore these two matches will be played without pressure.

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