Julie comes face to face with a thief who tried to knock her out before taking a taxi

This Wednesday evening, Julie and her companion Daniel had decided to have a good time by going for a bite to eat. The relaxation was short-lived since, on returning home, the couple noticed that had introduced in his restaurant, the “Nautic Lodge” located at rue de Manage in Seneffe. “When we arrived we saw an open door. Unfortunately, we realized that a lot of things had been stolen from us. “

The building housing Julie and Daniel’s accommodation therefore includes a restaurant but also a store. And the thieves had also entered this second trade since they stole jackets, jewelry and two Ipad tablets, now blocked and therefore unusable. In the restaurant, they had managed to get their hands on bottles of alcohol. Although in shock, Julie and Daniel then went up to their accommodation to watch television.

► Julie fell nose to nose with a woman
! She testifies.


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