Julie, raped behind the supermarket by a friend of her companion …

Eight years after the events, Julie (loan name) has not forgotten anything. “She no longer lives normally, she is waiting for your judgment to rebuild herself. She wants to be recognized as a victim and would have liked to hear it from the mouth of her attacker but he did not appear before the judges ”, regrets the lawyer of the young woman who, she attended the hearing on Thursday. The case should have been tried by an assize court but it was ultimately the judicial court that had to judge this rape, reclassified as sexual assault with the use or threat of a weapon.

That Sunday, Julie hangs out near Place Carnot in Hirson (in Aisne, near the Belgian border) with her companion at the time, as our French colleagues from L’Union relate. “We met friends of his, we settled down with them, we drank beers”, she remembers. At one point, she can no longer hold, she has to urinate. “
I wanted to go behind Leader Price, but not alone. My companion didn’t want to come with me, one of his friends volunteered.

While Julie is squatting, Julien would have approached her, would have taken out a knife and would have asked her to perform oral sex. “I refused, he insisted. I told him about his girlfriend but he kept asking. He put the knife to my throat then he pushed me and I fell, I hurt myself. He threatened to kill me so I decided to go his way. “

Julie confided in her companion and two friends a few hours after the fact, she never varied in her statements. The same cannot be said of Julien. If he gave several versions, he also always denied this rape.

Under an arrest warrant

The judge recognizes it, “There are no witnesses and little material evidence in this case” except for the victim’s leg and neck wounds, but also her dress, on which DNA traces involved were found. The latter assured that he could very well have deposited them when they exchanged the cans of beer.

Julien was finally sentenced to 7 years imprisonment, the judges having issued an arrest warrant against him. He is also prohibited from coming into contact with the victim and carrying a weapon subject to authorization for 15 years. His name will be entered in the sex offender register. Finally, he will have to compensate the young woman for her moral damage, the amount of which has been set at 8,000 euros.


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