Julie Snyder unveils her new face at La Semaine des 4 Julie

Earlier this fall, Julie Snyder surprised all her guests by cutting herself a lock of hair in order to recreate a scene from the The goddess of fire flies. She then exclaimed that her hairdresser was going to blame her, but we see that her grudge will not last long since the host unveiled her new face on Wednesday at The week of 4 Julie.

Eh yes! The demon has adopted the trend of the moment, the bangs!

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Its new cut of course looks great on it. A real beauty, this Julie!

Credit: Screenshot

In addition, it is important not to miss the show this Thursday, because the host will talk with Serge Flowers and the arranger Simon leclerc to start the double album Harmonium symphonique – Stories without words.

This momentous event will also mark the 100th episode of The week of 4 Julie which will celebrate in style, while the show will travel to the Maison symphonique where theEIGHT, directed by Simon Leclerc, and the Choir of Youth of Laval, directed by Philippe Ostiguy, will perform the piece Harmonium as well as of excerpts fromA musician among many others and D’Stories without words, with the participation of Luce Dufault.

Le duo 2 brothers, Mathieu Dufour, Thierry-maxime Loriot, Faecal matter and Korine Côté will also be there.

The week of 4 Julie, Monday to Thursday, at 9 p.m., on New.

Behind the scenes

Psst: It’s not just Julie Snyder who refreshed her hair. Charlotte Cardin also visited her beloved hairdresser, the famous David D’Amours, just to add a little color to her brown hair. The successful singer-songwriter Passive Agressive has indeed opted for her very first sweep and we love the result!

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