Julien Fournié, great designer and fan of new technologies

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Passionate about sewing and drawing, Julien Fournier wants to be the guarantor of traditional know-how, while projecting his profession into the future.

« It’s a story of a combination of circumstances, fate, and desire », explains Julien Fournier. To be big fashion designer, for him, is to be part of the fashion elite, it is also to create pieces in very small quantities, even unique. A very engaging workshop work. « It’s complicated to explain my work. Because I always have it with me. I get up, I think about it. I eat, I think about it. I lie down with all his virtual women around me, I walk with them on the street, I watch how they will work. The creation phenomenon will have simmered for six months, even a year before, while I designed the other collections, that I prepared them. »

« And, I think all of my clients know exactly what they are looking for from me. Namely: anatomical cuts, cuts close to the body, but they are never obstructing because it is important that my clients can move with their dresses. We don’t come to look for fashion at my place, we come to seek a destiny, we come to seek its DNA » explains to us, with passion, Julien Fournier.


Before sewing, medical studies

This great designer only creates for women. Her inspiration comes from her love for her parents, a family open to others and to culture.

So, when you are a wise child and you start with medical studies, how do you become a great designer? Response from Julien Fournié: « There is a moment when you beg your parents to do sewing studies, they tell you okay but it will be complicated because we do not have the contacts, so you will have to manage on your own but we will be there to support you.

And so, very quickly, I was able to access the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne; I graduated from medicine, and you can imagine that I was a little too old after medicine, so the dean of university of medicine wrote me a letter of recommendation. I have been very lucky. I joined the school of my dreams, everything happened very quickly. »

Playing with technology

Julien Fournié connects prestigious houses like Dior, Givenchy or Jean-Paul Gaultier. It was in 2009 that he created the house that bears his name, and in 2017, he joined the very closed circle of fifteen Haute Couture houses.

Fan de new technologies, Julien Fournié and his house work as in the 1950s, but the drawing is completely dematerialized on a tablet. « I want to keep in touch with my clients all over the world, so I can transfer any sketch made on my tablet to them in five minutes, they give me their opinion, we change colors, it’s going very quickly. It’s a simpler vector to show creativity », indicates the great couturier.

« In addition, on a tablet, we can show the whole phenomenon of creation through design and drawing, it’s as if we were capturing. So when I send these videos, they realize that I really thought about their morphology. We see the failure and the scrub which show how we arrived at the exact silhouette. They then see the work behind it. We don’t just put a drawing on them, we tell the story thanks to new technologies. »



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