Juliette ventes about not being chosen for the BBB21 Vip: ‘Frustrating’ | BBB house

The youtuber asks, “Didn’t you even play?” The lawyer replies: “I didn’t play. I was already angry with me, because I wanted to or did not put my generosity before my interests. I knew I could do it, but I was generous. I must be generous in life. In such a game it is not a place of generosity“.

The conversation goes on, and Juliette talks about not having been chosen for the VIP: “Jo√£o’s business did not choose me, I understand, because everyone was at Xepa. Only I have my reasons, and in my preference scale, he was way ahead. Seeing that I’m not in front of him, it hurt me. I’m not blaming him, but it hurt. He was frustrating seeing that, on the scale, other people would come, it hurt me “. She keeps talking and cries.

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