Julio Guzmán: Morada Bank will present a list for the Board of Directors with Sagasti at the helm

The leader of the Purple Party, Julio Guzman, announced that his parliamentary group will present a list to the Board of Directors of Congress only with members of its caucus and led by Francisco Sagasti.

He argued that there is incredible impudence within Congress, the same ones that led to the presidential vacancy, that put obstacles and block all the proposals of the Purple Party.

He indicated that they initially proposed Francisco Sagasti as president and the first thing he would do was cancel all the chaos that the parties achieved. “The Board of Spokespersons supported him,” he added.

“These brash ones who commit to consensus say one thing and then vote for another. What we will do is present a purple list with Francisco Sagasti at the head, who is the most qualified person, with consensus and the most responsible to carry out this process ”, he advanced.

Guzmán assured that the Purple Party will not allow the list to include a person who has voted in favor of the vacancy.

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