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During the last week, Julio Guzman, presidential candidate of the Purple Party, has given greater impetus to his campaign towards the Government Palace. In his first spot, he presented his main candidates to Congress in Lima. The economist represents a public transport bus driver and Susel Paredes, former Inspection Manager of La Victoria, the collector.

Guzmán – in the video, which already has more than 33,000 views on YouTube – indirectly refers to two of its main contenders: George Forsyth (National Victory) and Keiko Fujimori (Popular Force).

For example, Paredes asks him if the bus he will “drive” is his or rented, to which the leader of the Purple Party responds: “Own car, because Susel […] I have spent five consecutive years with my people to have it, I am not one of those who at the last minute are looking for a car to rent. I leave that to you, the player ”.

The economist also indicates, while “driving”, that the motorcycle taxis do not let him work calmly and, he emphasizes, that “oranges are the bravest”.

And, at the moment, of letting Gabriela Salvador get on the “purple bus” – who, in the extraordinary elections to Congress in January 2020, ran unsuccessfully under the symbol of the Broad Front – he warned her: “Get on, but don’t be vacating nobody ”, in clear reference to the support of the majority of the left wing for the removal of former president Martín Vizcarra last November.

For the writer and communicator Gustavo Rodríguez, the balance of this first spot of the Purple Party “is negative.”

“Introducing your team on a bus is not a bad idea: finally, it is an instant simile of driving people and driving a country. The fault is in the tone, when you try to show the street and that is not part of your codes or your identity, the seams are noticeable and credibility is lost ”, stated in communication with Trade.

The political scientist Kathy Zegarra considered that, despite certain criticisms, the spot has been “successful”, because people began to talk about the Purple Party and its candidates.

“There have been some criticisms, but these are inevitable in any communication strategy. Guzmán and his candidates seek to position themselves within the political agenda – a complicated issue due to the context of the pandemic – and they have achieved it with the spot. It is good that he stays away from his opponents, especially since he has politicians who have worked with other parties on his list, ”he mentioned.

The political scientist José Luis Incio affirmed that this first video has not been successful, but he also remarked that some criticisms have been “to some extent disproportionate.”

Incio also expressed the opinion that he does not believe that Guzmán’s performance in this first spot contradicts the message he gave in the 2016 elections, when in the video “El baile de Julio” he pointed out that “Peru needs serious solutions and not politicians who do silly stuff”.

“[En ese video] it refers to much more distorted candidates, who do things outside their stage, like when they go to a show program to dance. The spot of ‘El gato fiero’ comes to mind [de Ántero Flores-Aráoz en el 2016]”, He added.

Incio – a candidate for a doctorate in Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh – indicated that the Purple Party candidate’s references to Forsyth and Fujimori Higuchi may be due to a “negative campaign.”

There is an idea among some campaign promoters that this, negative propaganda is profitable, but some research indicates that this is not necessarily the case, there is no evidence that it is effective. It is a bit what happens with ivermectin and COVID-19. Personally, I do not think it is effective and wastes time, in which you can talk about your approaches”, He stressed.

The interview with Olivares

Last Saturday, Guzmán published on his social networks a conversation he had with Congressman Daniel Olivares, who takes stock of his first year in Parliament amid the pandemic and successive political crises. But also, both protagonists allude to their “incidents”.

Olivares first consults Guzmán about the video, in which he is seen running out of an apartment, where there was an accident; and then the presidential candidate asks the parliamentarian about the time he was observed smoking tobacco in the first virtual session of the plenary session.

The spokesman for the Purple Party bench, in this context, says that he smokes marijuana. This revelation has generated an accumulation of criticism, mainly from opposition politicians, and even in Congress it is being considered that the Ethics Commission will initiate a preliminary investigation against the legislator.

Rodríguez affirmed that the central objective of this conversation between Guzmán and Olivares has been to “show transparency” as a point of difference with “the old politics that hides its entanglements.” “And at the same time, they have preferred to ventilate their weak flanks before the adversaries take advantage of them: seize their liabilities to take away the novelty of future attacks,” he remarked.

The writer and communicator also pointed out that “the controversy” escalated more than a calculation from the Purple Party, because “we are a conservative society.”

For Zegarra, Guzmán’s appearance with Olivares is due to the fact that the congressman “Has positioned itself positively” in a young sector of the population, especially for their actions during the protests against the regime of Manuel Merino de Lama. He added that the leader of the Purple Party seeks “Capture that political capital.”

Sources close to the Purple Party told El Comercio that Olivares was not planned to reveal that he smokes marijuana. “It was a sincere conversation, and within it strong topics could emerge, this was not planned nor was there a political intention to cause a stir, although what does it are our political rivals”, They mentioned.

The same sources indicated that the legalization of marijuana will not be a subject of Guzmán’s campaign, but the improvement of the regulations for the use of medical cannabis will be.

(Design: Sebastian Ortiz M. | El Comercio)

(Design: Sebastian Ortiz M. | El Comercio)

The challenge to Keiko Fujimori to debate

Last Monday, Guzmán challenged Keiko Fujimori, Fuerza Popular’s presidential candidate, to debate virtually, after the former congresswoman announced that she would suspend her public activities, which could generate agglomeration.

“Mrs. Keiko Fujimori now that you have more free time, how about we organize a virtual debate to present our proposals and vision of the country?”, He tweeted.

The Secretary General of the Morado Party, Rodolfo Pérez, explained, in a brief dialogue with El Comercio, that Guzmán’s challenge to Fujimori Higuchi is related to the “dispersion” of candidates and the lack of clarity of the current campaign.

There are cases of candidates where the absence of vision is clamorous, one is Keiko Fujimori and the other is George Forsyth, they are mute, they are in Luis Castañeda Lossio mode, I don’t know what he proposes, what they offer the country, and because of the pandemic it is very difficult for the press to follow up. Citizenship requires debate”, He declared.

Pérez said that one should not wait until the last stretch of the electoral contest for the parties to present their ideas.

The writer and communicator Gustavo Rodríguez indicated that if Guzmán initially seeks to debate with Fujimori Higuchi, it is because the Fuerza Popular candidate has a high antivote (69%, according to the latest Ipsos Peru survey). “Therefore, it seeks to position itself as the antagonist of politics that is least loved”, He complemented.

Incio had a similar position, in the sense that in the last two elections it was the anti-Fujimori bloc that tipped the balance in favor of Ollanta Humala and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK), who were elected presidents in a second round against the ex-parliamentarian.

“I imagine that Guzmán is trying to reposition himself as a politician who is opposed to Fujimori, to mark a line, and Keiko Fujimori has gone unnoticed in recent weeks, he has not been heard much. The debate has this idea, to position itself as an anti-Fujimori in case that block is activated later, ”he said.

Zegarra, for his part, opined that the leader of the Purple Party also seeks to distance himself from former president Martín Vizcarra, by rejecting his recommendation to consume ivermectin to counteract COVID-19, relying on the arguments of a scientist like Edward Málaga-Trillo, one of the new faces on your list to Parliament in the capital.

The team behind the strategy

Sources close to the Purple Party pointed out that behind the conceptualization of the first commercial of Guzmán’s campaign are mainly John Reynaga, head of the campaign, and the members of the Communications team: Eduardo Guerrero and Víctor Caballero. They added that they do not have a foreign adviser in charge of political marketing: “There are no favres here”.

Pérez, when asked by this newspaper about who are the “brains” of the Purple Party campaign, excused himself from providing details.

The also candidate for Parliament, on the other hand, did say that the purple bus propaganda is not contradictory with the spot that Guzmán recorded in 2016, in which he questioned politicians who made a fool of themselves in their attempt to win votes.

In the first message, he says that he will not make spots that make a fool of him in order to attract sympathy. This, the video of the purple bus, is not a spot in which you make a fool of yourself. He is creative, has humor and has a political message behind him, such as having a solid party, having a good team and questioning political behaviors that are not the right ones”, He said.

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