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Julio Urías reveals the origin and meaning of his tattoos

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A chance made the Sinaloan player Julio Urías and the Puebla tattoo artist Andrés Ortega meet in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then, the Mexican pitcher champion with the Los Angeles Dodgers of the last World Series, together with Víctor González from Nayarit, maintains a close friendship with Ortega, who has been in charge of putting the tattoos on his body with which Urías summarizes a life of overcoming and successes, ranging from the operating rooms to his exploits in the King of Sports.

“I met Julio Urías through the journalist Jesús Quiñones, who gave the sports news in Arizona, he later went to work with the Dodgers, in California, as a translator, and that’s how we practically became friends”, Andrés Ortega tells La Afición, from Phoenix; He crossed the desert between Sonora and Arizona at the age of 17 in search of his fortune. Today he is 29 and a life made.

“Julio already has eight tattoos. He told me that each tattoo is for something and has a meaning, a memory; I have done all the tattoos to Julio Urías ”; one of those, the most beloved, San Juditas, a devotion instilled by his mother.

How is Julio, your friend?

“Julio is a very good person, both as a client and as a friend; Whenever he’s here in Phoenix He tells me that he likes me to invite him to watch my children’s team gamesBecause it reminds him of his childhood playing ball, he tells me that he looks there, that it brings back memories, so when he comes he asks me to take him to a training session for my team, which is called Pequeños Little Pericos (Little Pericos). and of course I have invited him. Julio is a very humble person, despite being famous ”.

Julio Urías with his friend Andrés Ortega's Little Pericos children's team

Baseball fan

“I’ve had my team for two and a half years and it’s called like that, Little ParakeetsBecause that is the name of the Puebla team and it is to represent Puebla and have something, a memory, and let them know that I am from there. When I used to play, at 12 years old, in La Magdalena, in Puebla, the sport was hardly watched or not paid attention to, although I always dreamed of playing one day as a professional and I always liked the DodgersThat’s why now I feel very proud, because I tattooed Julio, who is from Los Angeles ”. The taste for baseball is instilled in his children: Andrew (9 years old), Damien (8) and Jasson (4); so I keep very busy, with them, and I am far from problems ”.

Why tattoo artist?

“Since I was little I liked art; Sometimes my mother, at the age of seven, would not give me money to go to school and I would draw pictures with a pencil, stars, to the children; that way I was earning fifty cents or a peso, back then. I never thought I was an artist or that I had that talent, until I was 20 years old. Now I have had the opportunity to tattoo many athletes, MLS players, baseball players and American football, the most popular sports. I have tattooed many famous or recognized athletes ”.


The explanation of Julio Urías

  • “Here on my knuckles I have the year I was born.” Julio was born in Culiacán, Sinaloa, on August 12, 1996.
  • “In the hand, the state of Sinaloa and a paper plane, in Culiacán.” The Dodgers formed Urías at 16.
  • “Nopales, because I grew up with my grandparents; there lived an uncle who sold ”. His uncle gave him money for errands.
  • “On my wrist I have a bracelet with a crucifix, a cross.” Julio considers himself a person of great faith.
  • “León and the phrase Never give up, from when the operation in Phoenix was very marked to me:”. (Year 2017)
  • Saint Jude Thaddeus. My mother used to tell me that with the Saint Judas cane it was with the bat that one was going to hit ”.
  • “A watch, with the date of my major league debut and the time of my first pitch.” (05-25-2013)
  • “Initials on knuckles, by my dad Carlos, my mom Juani, my sister Alexia and my brother Carlos.”
  • “Number 7. It is the number I have used since I played baseball as a child in Culiacán.”

Julio Urías reveals the origin and meaning of his tattoos

This story was originally published in La Afición on Saturday, October 31, 2020.


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