Jumbled identifiers for future Mac Studio, Mac mini, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod πŸ˜…

We know that the end of the year will be very busy for Apple with a shower of new products: Macs, iPads, iPhones of course, Apple Watches, and even potentially a HomePod. The developer Pierre Blazquezwho likes dig deep of software from Apple, posted on Twitter a series of IDs and model numbers for a big pile of unreleased mess.

As for the Apple Watch, he identified 9 models ranging from Watch6,10 (model N143SAP) to Watch6,18 (N199AP). The Apple Watch Series 7 bears the identifiers Watch6,6 at Watch6,9. 9 references on one side, 4 on the other, the difference could be explained by the launch of a new Apple Watch SE as well as the β€œsporty” watch that has been rumored for some time.

The 2022 vintage of

The 2022 vintage of the Apple Watch would have three models, including a very sporty one

These are four identifiers that have been detected for the iPhone: iPhone15,2 (D27AP), iPhone15,3 (D28AP), iPhone15,4 (D73AP) and iPhone15,5 (D74AP). It fits with the rumors, Apple will most likely launch four new smartphone models this year as has become the rule since the iPhone 12. The iPhone 13 range goes from iPhone14,2 at iPhone14,5.

iPhone 14, the point on the rumors of

iPhone 14, the point on the rumors of a very segmented range

For the iPad, 6 references appear: iPad14,3 at iPad14,6as well as’iPad15.1 et iPad15.2. We’re also expecting news of the 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros in the coming months, and possibly a new basic iPad.

The iPad Pro would take the M2 train at the start of the school year

The iPad Pro would take the M2 train at the start of the school year

In the Mac department, the snooper fished out three new models Mac14,5, Mac14,6 et Mac14,8 working with M2 chips. This identifier is characteristic of that of the Mac Studio whose future M2 range is therefore in development at Apple, obviously! Currently, the manufacturer lists two models: Mac13,1the basic version M1 Max, and Mac13,2 the M1 Ultra. Could a third model be in the works? And would Apple intend to launch them before the end of the year? That would be very surprising.

Of the Macmini11,1 et Macmini11,2 are also present in Pierre’s finds, there it could be the Mac mini M2 and the M2 Pro slope (replacing the Mac mini Intel) that many are impatiently waiting for. What is quite surprising here is that a Macmini10,1 unknown a made his appearance in the Studio Display firmware.

Finally, there is also an identifier for HomePod, AudioAccessory6.1 (B620P). The HomePod mini bears the identifier AudioAccessory5,1, the large speaker which is no longer marketed AudioAccessory1,1. On the other hand, nothing for a future Apple TV.

HomePod and Apple TV: new models in the works, according to Mark Gurman

HomePod and Apple TV: new models in the works, according to Mark Gurman

These identifiers have been extracts of a file from a bundle publicly available software. Except for these numbers, there is nothing more, no graphic assets that would show how the devices look like nor of course a launch date.

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