Jumbo boss satisfied with his first year in the country

Jumbo’s sixth store in Belgium opened its doors on Wednesday morning in Ranst, near Antwerp. Four of the brand’s six existing stores are also located in the province of Antwerp. According to Peter Isaac, this concentration is however a coincidence and he assures that the company still has many projects in progress all over Flanders. Two stores are due to open this year in Hasselt and Beveren.

Jumbo will likely close 2020 with eight stores. At the end of 2019, the ambition was still twelve to fifteen locations, with an objective then adjusted to ten in May. “But eight stores is a good result given the circumstances,” says Peter Isaac. “More importantly, customer satisfaction in the different stores is high. We are also seeing many of them choosing Jumbo for their primary purchases. ”

The boss of the Belgian subsidiary is however cautious about the new objectives for 2021. “It is still an unpredictable period. But the ambition to eventually open a hundred stores in Belgium remains. ”


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