jump in the sky

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30 May 2022 05:12

May bravely overcome the main song battlefield together Dedicated to challenging romantic challenges Until reaching the final of the last 6 people with intense scores, both jumping in the sky 196 from the sum of “full circle”, slow songs and fast songs

Conveyed with vocal lines, sound glass, soundtrack, clean, refined, tight tones. I can’t believe that a new generation of youngsters who have been advanced for a long time will be able to convey the old songs with such a beautiful and profound melody.

“Bank-Chalermrat” Excited and excited too.”dance“Kao Suntaraphon Dance Song In the full version, the coordinates can hit the music floor of the main song.

through a sharp cry strong and strong With the choreography that shakes heavily, shrugs off the waist, has a surging mood, which is a “great charm” that hit the heart of this young man really unparalleled.

Both of them don’t have to prove anything.”main song” must decide again, only have to “pick out” that in the end the judges will “like” who more in the final

because they both hugged each other’s necks “Jump into the sky – dominate the matchmaker” together and be strong In this Thai song path

Song Ek has created a beautiful diamond cut. Pill after pill to decorate. Beautiful ring house for the real Thai music industry from ancient times.

Continuing to build on the legend of love songs, life songs, as long as …Eternal eternity is far away.

“Dr. Sartthanik Chumanee”

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