Jumping: Piotr Żyła is the world champion! Crazy jumper entry after the competition in Oberstdorf

Piotr Żyła became the fifth Polish individual world champion in ski jumping. On the podium of the competition on the normal hill in Oberstdorf, apart from “Wewior”, there were also German Karl Geiger and Slovenian Anze Lanisek.

– I owe everything to what happened in my head. The right attitude and approach to the competition. You win with such things. I had it in my head from the morning, and I was successful – Żyła said to Onet. – I came to the right mental state. I did a nice job coupled with spicy fun and all the best. Cool feeling. As if I was sucks and not drinking. I am in an amazing condition – enjoyed the conversation with Tomasz Kalemba.

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Piotr Żyła’s insane entry after the competition in Oberstdorf

On Instagram, the new world champion published a photo of his great joy. “Pueter won” – he announced in the description of the photo (we kept the original spelling).

Within an hour from the appearance of the entry, there were already over 3,000. comments. – You’re just unbelievable !!! Congratulations! – actress Dominika Gwit wrote.

“Master”, “King Peter I Żyła”, “Finally! In the glow of glory! You deserved it!”, “The most deserved victory”, “Bravo, applause and once again applause! How beautiful and magical. This joy after jumping. Congratulations, champion (…) “,” Golden boy “- the jumper’s fans rejoiced.

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