June 30.. Last date for registering a mobile number on ration cards

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade appealed to the owners Ration cards For those who received a message on the exchange of subsidized goods or bread with the need to register their mobile number within their data registered on the ration cards, as part of the ministry’s keenness to provide services to the owners of ration cards, as the ministry continues to receive citizens’ requests to register the mobile number until June 30 next.

The ministry stressed, through a letter received by many ration card holders on bread and goods exchange vouchers, the necessity of registering the mobile number in the name of the card holder, “the head of the family”, in the context of ensuring the continuity of services and avoiding stopping the exchange.

Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, decided to extend the period for recording phone numbers for those to whom you sent a message on the exchange bond until 30-6-2022, pointing out that the extension of the period comes to facilitate citizens in providing phone numbers to supply offices to prevent citizens from crowding in front of offices.

The minister stressed that the decision to register phone numbers on the support card comes to facilitate dealing with the citizen in the support provided to him, in addition to updating the databases of the subsidy beneficiaries, whose number for bread only reaches 72 million citizens.

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