June 4th Memorial Hall unblocked Cai Yaochang: Stake General Assembly held at the Memorial Hall on Saturday[Photos](15:04)-20210921-Hong Kong News-Real Time News

A reporter from our newspaper and Cai Yaochang went to the June Fourth Memorial Hall yesterday. There were signs of blasting outside the door. The glass shards of the door broke and some fell to the ground. The iron fence above the gate showed signs of being pried open, which is believed to be caused when the police broke the door. The sirens and closed-circuit televisions used as anti-theft in the memorial hall were smashed, and some closed-circuit television cameras were obscured. The computer screen used for office work in the museum is still there, but the host computer and hard disk have been taken away; the exhibition boards, wallpapers, and paperwork that used to display information about June 4th have been seized.

On the shelf behind the staff seat, T-shirts, the Statue of Democracy and other souvenirs that had been placed for sale in the past were also seized. The June Fourth Memorial Hall has many historical items in the past, including helmets used by demonstrators during the 1989 democracy movement, bullets used by the People’s Liberation Army that day, and clothes worn by the late Hunan Labor Movement leader Li Wangyang. They are no longer in the museum, but some cultural relics are reported. He was moved to a safe place before the police searched the museum.

During the interview, Cai Yaochang stated that although he has resigned as the stake standing committee and secretary, he is still the stake company secretary, so he can apply to the police for unlocking on behalf of the stake. After contacting the police’s National Security Office last week, the police sent The officer went to the memorial hall to open the lock.

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