Jungle Camp 2020: These celebrities should already be fix

In January, the RTL show "I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here" finally starts again. Now reports the "Bild" newspaper, that the first eleven of the twelve participating celebrities would already be determined. In addition to the actress Sonja Kirchberger (58) should also take the former boxing world champion Sven Ottke (52) at the famous campfire in Australia in early 2020 place. But maybe it does not seem to be completely fixed yet. "My participation is in demand, but not in a dry towel," reports Ottke.

Also, the former CDU Transport Minister Günther Krause (66) to begin the journey to Down Under early next year. It had long been speculated whether Laura Müller (19), the new companion of hit star Michael Wendler (47) is in the party. According to the latest report, however, his still-wife Claudia Norberg (48) is instead to divulge some internals in the show about her soon to be ex-spouse.

For a long time, the participation of Daniela Büchner (41) seems to be clear, which should have been there last year, but had to cancel due to the death of her husband Jens Büchner (1969-2018). For the time being, the list of "Bild" by DSDS participant Antonia Komljen, Ennesto-Monté-ex Anastasiya Avilova (31), DSDS winner Prince Damien (28), "Love Island" star Elena Miras and Bachelorette candidate Marco Cerulla will be completed (30) and TV-Trödler Markus Reinecke (50).

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