Jungle camp star Peter Althof: daughter Helena starts as a model

Jungle camper Peter Althof
His daughter makes a career as a model

Peter Althof with his wife Sandra Rajcic

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In the 2022 jungle camp, ex-bodyguard Peter Althof caused laughter with his Franconian dialect. But what hardly anyone knows: his daughter Helena Althof works as a successful model – and looks like a real superstar.

In this year’s jungle camp, ex-celebrity bodyguard Peter Althof, 66, was a favorite at times, was voted the most popular camper more than once and ultimately came fifth.

The number one in his personal life is next to his wife Sandra Rajcic, 48, their daughter Helena Althof, 19, – to whom the former European Kickboxing Champion “Very proud”, as he explains to “Bild”. The reason? Helena is quite successful as a model.

Jungle camp star Peter Althof: daughter Helena models in London and Paris

Peter Althof’s daughter came up with a plan years ago. “She has […] said: ‘I’m going away after graduation!’ And she did that immediately. […] Helena always knew what she wanted was a wild bumblebee. But at the same time she got her A-levels of 1.4. I’m very proud of her,” said the former jungle camper.

But the 19-year-old didn’t move to the next bigger city. She had a modeling career and now works “in London and Paris. She has had a contract since she was 16,” says Althof. To be more precise, she is under contract with the renowned international agencies “IMG Models” and “Louisa Models”, where well-known figures such as Ashley Graham, 34, Alex Wek, 44, and Freja Beha Erichsen, 34, are listed.

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Model daughter Helena is reminiscent of a well-known supermodel

Helena also demonstrates her talent as a model on her Instagram account, regularly shares photos from shootings, but also private insights into her everyday life in Paris or London. It is striking: Peter’s daughter has an incredible resemblance to supermodel Irina Shayk, 36. Her facial features, the full lips, the shape of the eyes and the nose in particular are reminiscent of the Russian catwalk queen.

Peter and Sandra miss their daughter very much because “unfortunately she doesn’t live right around the corner either”, explains the former bodyguard, who has already looked after stars like Pamela Anderson, 54, or Michael Schumacher, 53. He lives with his wife in Nuremberg-Laufamholz.

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Peter’s daughter was initially “embarrassed” about participating in the jungle

As enthusiastic as he is about her career, Helena was initially not enthusiastic about his jungle plans. “She was embarrassed. She said: only underexposed people go there. But she thought it was good how I did there. When Helena was in puberty, she found me embarrassing too. Just like many fathers embarrass their daughters are,” jokes Peter.

Helena Althof is not his only child. Peter also has a 29-year-old son, Dennis Gröbe, from a previous relationship.

In the jungle camp, Althof made it clear that the broken contact weighed on him. After his son made his first attempts at rapprochement in an RTL interview after the broadcast, Peter now gives “Bild” a happy update: “We spoke out, fell into each other’s arms – and said to each other: We’re looking ahead.” How nice!

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