Junior 3, Boy 0: and now comes the hardest

Ufff! At last! The torture and the fear of a ridiculous capital, of a giant failure is over. With some suspense due to the delay in the first goal and the results that were taking place in other places, Junior won 3-0 over Chicó at the Metropolitano stadium and achieved his classification to the quarterfinals of the League in the last working day.

As expected, the rojiblanco team dominated at will and made countless goal options against the penultimate of the standings, but failed in the definition and somehow caused some drama to emerge as in the other places, the persecutors in the fight to enter the positions of privilege were doing their homework.

The Sharks, who accumulate eight consecutive games without losing in the League (four draws and four wins), never left the qualifying group because the single tie was enough for them, but there was the possibility of a checkered goal and of being in check, more Beyond that in the process of the game there was no glimpse of a visitor.

The duel was a dictatorship led by Luis Amaranto Perea. Teófilo Gutiérrez imposed his law of touch. With his baton, Hinestroza’s poignant appearances on the left and Fabián Viáfara’s tireless exits on the right (in association with ‘Cariaco’ González and Teo), Junior was the master of the game.

Not only did you see the first coming, it seemed like a win would be experienced, but Hinestroza, Viáfara and Teo, who had clear opportunities to score, lacked a bit of chalk on the guayos to hit the target.

On other occasions, it was the interventions of goalkeeper Rogerio Caicedo that drowned out the goal cry.

In the midst of the submission on El Chicó, at times something of folly and despair appeared in the host team.

Nothing for Borja. Almost all the attackers had had situations to convert, except the most specialist in that field. Miguel Borja went almost unnoticed in the first stage.

An unstoppable pique and a cue for Hinestroza who shot and made the goalkeeper of the Tunisian team shine was the maximum contribution of the Cordoba striker.

However, in the second half, when more anguish began to emerge, Borja made his appearance.

After two plays, a good cross shot and a ‘death pass’ from Teo that he wasted, Borja took out his scoring breed.

In the midst of the unstoppable wave of local attacks, referee Jorge Duarte considered that there was a penalty on Freddy Hinestroza at minute 70. In the repetition of the play, the foul was not clearly appreciated.

Borja, neither short nor lazy, came out afloat, grabbed the ball and with a shot down, to the right hand of the keeper, he secured the 1-0.

Uffffff! The soul returned to the body to Perea, to the players, to the managers, to the fans. Junior was finally doing his thing and it no longer mattered what happened in other places.

Chicó, who did not generate a single clear goal option in the entire game (he is rightly one of the coleros), tried to react, but it was only a slight kick before drowning completely.

Hinestroza, at minute 79, still had air for a cavalcade from area to area, join Borja, receive in depth and then send a center down that surpassed the goalkeeper and took Teófilo only at the far post, defining as usual in those cases : with a warm touch. A specialty of the Gutiérrez house.

From that goal on, the team led by former Junior, Bélmer Aguilar, who had been struggling and trying to prevent his net from inflating, collapsed and left spaces that Junior took advantage of to score the third.

Gabriel Fuentes, in the 81st minute, stole the ball from the left and found a whole highway to escape and enable Borja, who eluded the goalkeeper, landed left-handed and became the league’s top scorer along with Jader Obrian. There are already four games in a row scoring.

The classification, which should have been achieved much earlier taking into account Junior’s payroll, finally happened. Now comes a stage with a tougher opponent and with less margin for error.


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