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Junior and Cali tie in a great game at the Metropolitano

Great game in the Metropolitan. Junior and Deportivo Cali drew 2-2 for the second date of Group A of the semifinal home runs of the BetPlay League. HArold Preciado and Jorge Marsiglia scored for the visitor, while Carmelo Valencia and Luis González tied for the home team.

Junior showed an interesting proposal initiating the commitment with three centrals and two lanes. In addition, the presence of Luis ‘Cariaco’ González and Edwuin Cetré on the attack front gave the team the opportunity to have more variety since mobility was the key and there was no fixed reference for rival defenders.

It was Cetré who had the best performance in the first half, taking advantage of his speed and physique to fight and move in the last quarter of the field. He opened spaces to overflow or for his companions to arrive from behind. In the same way, Fabián Ángel had a great performance being the axis in the center of the field, recovering and putting Arturo Reyes’s men to play.

Cali raised a classic 4-4-2, with Jhojan Valencia acting as a defensive central midfielder and collaborating with Hernán Lessse and Jorge Marsiglia in the central defense. Andrés Colorado was the ‘box to box’ player who collaborated in attack, but also in his own area. The pressure and the way in which his rival filled all the spaces made it difficult for him to play the game by neutralizing Teófilo Gutiérrez and Harold Preciado.

The game by the bands was decisive for each team. In addition to Cetré, Viáfara, on the right, and Fuentes, on the left, pressed the exit and filled the visiting area with centers. On the other hand, John Vásquez was the driving force behind his team fighting and running for his right wing, but always very alone.

Second half: Tie that leaves the group open

Although it was Junior who showed a better level at the beginning of the complement, Cali hit first. After pressure from the visit in the rival field, Vásquez recovered and handed the ball to Teo, who enabled Preciado for the first shot. Viera saved the shot, but the forward picked up the rebound and sent the ball to the back of the net.

The local responded quickly. Reyes changed his three-defender scheme by sending Carmelo Valencia, Freddy Hinestroza and Marlon Piedrahita to the field. to seek a greater presence on the offensive. From a free kick from the side executed by Hinestroza the goal of Valencia was born

The local team maintained the dominance of the game after the tie, but the stopped ball was the weapon with which the Valle del Cauca people surprised their rival. Marsiglia won the heights after a corner kick and put her team ahead.

Cali Sports Shield / Flag

Those led by Rafael Dudamel were able to withstand Junior’s onslaught until the VAR notified the compromise judge (Wilmar Roldán) about a hand in the Colorado area that led to a maximum penalty. Cariaco was in charge of equalizing the game (2-2).

Junior is located in the second box of group A with two units. On the next date he will receive Pereira at the Metropolitano. Cali is the leader with four points. On the third day he will visit Nacional at the Atanasio Girardot stadium.


0-1, 59′: Harold Preciado


Gabriel Fuentes (31 ‘, Yellow) Juan Franco (44 ‘, Yellow) Danny rosero (46 ‘, Yellow

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