Junior high school students asked the teacher “8-character in return” in Classical Chinese to get a leave of absence!

A middle school student in mainland China writes fake orders in classical Chinese. (Diagram ∕ taken from Piqsels)

[周刊王CTWANT] It is not difficult to ask for leave. It is rare that how to ask for leave is justified and convinced by those who approve of leave. Before his second birthday, a member of the Chinese mainland used classical Chinese to ask the teacher for leave. The smooth writing and beautiful handwriting not only made the teacher happy to leave, but also stunned countless netizens, saying: “Everyone is a student, why are you doing this? excellent?”.

According to Lu media reports, the second-year national student asked the teacher for leave due to physical discomfort. He did not expect to learn how ancient literati used letters to explain the current situation to the teacher.

Mr. Fang, how good is my teacher recently?

I am in the first class of the second year. Because I was at the turn of the seasons, I accidentally felt the wind and cold, and I couldn’t see it in person, so I wrote this article in detail.

Last night it was as cool as water, and the wind swept the fallen leaves

Curtain animation hall autumn colors, cold wind residual jade body

Tossing around all night hard to sleep, getting up early feels uncomfortable

The weather outside the window is fine, but there is still no energy

Sore throat, silent, difficult to go to class

So I asked for leave temporarily, hesitated to make a decision

May my teacher approve, alas, alas, pitiful!


Netizens were impressed by the writing style of this middle school student. (Picture∕Reproduced from “Tencent News Network”)

Seeing that the students used what they had learned, they wrote the plain fake slips in classical Chinese with fluent idioms and precise words, and immediately marked them with big hooks and allowed them to leave, and wrote “If you are well, it will be sunny” at the end of the text, and then Share this fake order on Weibo. The teacher said that although the student was just new to classical Chinese, he quickly became interested in this style of writing. He usually writes in classical Chinese. This time he was even more convinced by his literary talent and praised the student’s ability in classical Chinese.

When netizens saw this fake list of classical Chinese, they also exclaimed, “The Four Books and Five Classics weren’t read in vain”, “I don’t have any talent these years, and I dare not even write a leave note”, “Really so talented”, “Teacher accepts it.” I’m scared.” Some people laughed at themselves: “Everyone is a student. Why are you so good?”

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Junior high school students asked the teacher “8-character in return” in Classical Chinese to get a leave of absence!
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