Junior: Micahel Rangel, former América de Cali, already trains with the group

Michael Rangel lives one of the most complicated moments of his sports career Due to the financial crisis of Colombian football that did not allow him to continue in América de Cali and be forced to return to Junior, a club where he does not have the support of the coach despite being one of the most important strikers of the local income.

Rangel expired his one-year loan with America, but Tulio Gómez did not want to pay the million dollars to Junior of his purchase option argued in the crisis. Therefore, he had to appear under the orders of Comesaña, who again lowered his thumb despite having one more year linked to the ‘shark’.

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Although the Uruguayan says that he respects Michael a lot, It is maintained that it has players like Carmelo Valencia, Teófilo Gutiérrez and Miguel Ángel Borja, so Rangel is not in his plans and the board did not want to have his opinion either.

The point is that, After several cross versions, Michael Rangel finally trained alongside the group this Friday, although individually by health protocols. Before that, he was not even included in the list of 27 against Dimayor, but as the quota was expanded and Junior has more to play in the Copa Libertadores, they made room for him and is in the hands of the physical trainer.

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Despite this, Rangel has a low probability of appearing with Julio ComesañaThat is why Junior continues to give his employer a free pass to get him a team in foreign football, which he has not yet achieved since January. However, in Junior they are clear: they will not let Rangel go at any price because despite the DT’s refusal they know the value of the footballer. As it is, the player remains at the crossroads.


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