[JUPAS release list]CUHK has won more than half of the champions, and many universities have increased the number of athletes to reach the university threshold and 87% of candidates are admitted | Position report

The Joint University Admissions (JUPAS) list was released today (12th). This year’s Diploma of Secondary Education 7 students passed 7 subjects and 5** champions. CUHK announced that 4 of them were admitted to the highest-scoring medicine in Hong Kong (Global Medical Leaders) Training specialization) courses, including a “super champion” who passed 8 subjects 5**, and won more than half of the champions for CUHK to defeat the University of Hong Kong after 2019. The other 3 champions were admitted to the University of Hong Kong, and they were enrolled in Quantitative Finance and Medicine respectively. However, Li Zhuolan, the champion of Diocesan Girls’ School who was admitted to the medical school, indicated earlier that his first choice would be to study law at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. Enrollment will receive a scholarship of 100,000 yuan or more with “Mingde students”.

St. Stephen’s Girls’ High School champion Chen Lerong, Anglo Chinese College’s champion Cheng Lang, Queen Elizabeth School’s champion Leung Po-hsien all indicated their plans to enter the Chinese University of Medicine at the time of the Diploma Examination List. The college’s “super champion” Chen Kaiying said that he would stay in Hong Kong to study medicine, but at that time he did not decide to choose CUHK or Hong Kong University’s medical department. In the end, CUHK and HKU admitted one and two “super champions” respectively.

Nearly 90% meet the minimum requirements to be admitted to the eight universities and public universities

According to data from the HKEAA, there were 17,733 day school candidates who met the minimum entry requirement “3322+2” for admission to bachelor’s degree programs this year, and the University Joint Admissions Office announced that 15,492 (87%) were admitted to the eight universities and public universities. , The proportion is 3% higher than last year. Only 2,241 people have reached the university threshold and have lost bachelor degrees from the Eighth University and the OUHK. They may be transferred to other self-financing institutions for bachelor seats. Wei Xiangdong, secretary-general of the Examinations and Assessment Bureau, also said earlier that due to the decline in the number of candidates, “candidates may be more likely to enter universities.”

A number of universities recruited athletes to increase the number of PolyU by 181 students enrolled under the Athlete Recommendation Program

As for this year’s colleges and universities, more athletes were admitted than last year. The University of Hong Kong admitted 21 through the Elite Athlete Recommendation Program. The CUHK also announced that 22 athletes were awarded athlete scholarships. This is 9 more than the same period last year. They were swimming and fencing. , Taekwondo, cross-country, track and field, badminton, table tennis, basketball, handball, rugby, football, softball, tennis and volleyball have outstanding performances, of which 4 are representatives of the Hong Kong team, 15 are representatives of the Hong Kong Youth Army, and 3 Academia Sports Federation’s elite; PolyU also has 181 students enrolled through the Outstanding Athlete Recommendation Program, which is 11 more than the 170 students last year.

CUHK: Global Medicine has received the highest score in Hong Kong for eight consecutive years

According to the Chinese University, a total of 3,066 joint admissions students were admitted this year. The school said that nearly half of the candidates in Hong Kong who have obtained 5* or above in six subjects, including one candidate who passed 8 subjects 5 and 3 candidates who passed 7 subjects 5. All enrolled in medicine “Global Medical Leadership Training Specialization”; the other eight candidates who passed 6 subjects 5 were admitted to medicine, “Global Medical Leadership Training Specialization” and Global Business Studies. CUHK refers to candidates who have obtained a 5* score or above in one subject in Hong Kong, and nearly 40% of them are admitted by CUHK.

CUHK continued to point out that based on the median score of the best 5 subjects, 4 of the 10 courses with the highest scores in Hong Kong were CUHK courses. They were Medical “Global Medical Leadership Training Specialization”, Medicine, and Global Business The science of science and quantitative finance and risk management; and the medical “Global Medical Leadership Training Specialization” admitted a total of 33 candidates this year, which has been the subject with the highest median admission score in Hong Kong for eight consecutive years since its launch.

CUHK also admitted 139 new students through the “Principal Recommendation Program” this year.

Hong Kong University: 28.78 points for the best 5 subjects are higher than last year

According to the University of Hong Kong, 13 students obtained the best HKDSE scores this year and entered the University of Hong Kong as “Mingde students”, including 3 students who got the top 5** in 7 subjects. One of them was admitted to the Bachelor of Science (Quantitative Finance), and the other were admitted to the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Medicine; the others were admitted to the Bachelor of Science (Measurement), Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Dentistry, Bachelor of Science (Speech and Auditory Science), Education Bachelor and Bachelor of Social Sciences, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Laws, Initiation Courses for Research Professionals, Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Social Sciences (Politics and Law) and other courses. They will receive a scholarship of 100,000 yuan or more for “Mingde Students” as a reward.

In addition, the University of Hong Kong has added the “Top 1% Scholarship for the HKDSE Examination” this year, awarding new students whose scores are among the top 1% in the HKDSE this year. A total of 115 top talents have been admitted this year, and each can receive a scholarship of 50,000 yuan or more.

The average admission scores of the best 6 subjects and the best 5 subjects of this year were 32.92 and 28.78 respectively, both higher than last year. The University of Hong Kong also admitted 63 local non-Chinese speaking candidates this year, the largest number in Hong Kong.

HKUST: Quantitative Finance has the best average admission score of 20 students

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology stated that a total of 1,910 HKDSE students were admitted through JUPAS this year, of which 98.8% were Band A candidates, with an average score of 5 in the best five subjects. The subject with the best average admission score is JS5332 Quantitative Finance, with a total of 20 students admitted, and the average score of each of the best 5 subjects is 6.5^.

In the HKDSE, one of the core subjects required a lower grade than 3322, and the overall outstanding performance of the applicants, 36 applicants were admitted by different colleges of the University of Science and Technology after special consideration.

CityU: 1,600 people were admitted by JUPAS

CityU stated that it will adopt flexible admissions arrangements this year. If a student’s score in one of the four core subjects is one level lower than the entry requirements of the relevant course, and his “4+2” score meets the relevant college’s score requirements and excellent interview performance , And after the course admission committee approves their admission qualifications, students may have the opportunity to be admitted. In this year’s JUPAS, a total of 15 applicants were eligible for admission through flexible admission arrangements.

This year, it is estimated that about 1,600 people will be admitted through JUPAS, and 90% of them will be admitted with the first 3 volunteers (Band A); another 24 people will be admitted to the government-funded bachelor’s degree program through the principal’s recommendation program.

HKBU: 80% of admitted candidates put HKBU in Band A

The HKBU stated that more than 80% of JUPAS applicants admitted to HKBU this year put HKBU’s courses in the first three choices (Band A).

The University of Education stated that this year, about 902 HKDSE candidates were admitted through joint admissions and a total of 24 joint admissions applicants were admitted through flexible admission methods. Lingnan University stated that the admissions situation this year is similar to that of previous years.

PolyU: More than 80 people were admitted through the “Outstanding Athlete Recommendation Program”

According to PolyU, more than 2,300 joint admissions students were admitted this year, and more than 9 of them became Band A candidates. The school has also optimized the “Outstanding Athlete Recommendation Program” to provide flexible admission arrangements for outstanding athletes. A total of 81 joint admissions and non-join admissions students were admitted under this plan. They have outstanding performances in swimming, badminton, table tennis and other sports. .

As for scholarships, PolyU also awarded scholarships to 37 applicants through the “Outstanding Athlete Recommendation Program” this year, and 8 applicants were awarded the “Diversified Excellence Scholarship” by the Government Home Affairs Bureau.

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