Jura – An exam that will have cost many students dearly


The case had raised many questions: in June, 100% of students in 1re year of the HEP-BEJUNE had failed a French test. And the resit exam yielded only slightly better results.

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A student who misses an exam is obviously not a rare occurrence. But when 100% of applicants fail, it takes a different turn. This is what happened last June to forty students of 1re year of HEP-BEJUNE, in Delémont. The French test they had to take was already a catch-up session. On the first try, in January, the failure rate was 60%. The result of the second attempt had caused a stir and discussions involving students and trainers had been conducted to try to determine what could have led to such a situation.

Of the 40 students who failed in June, 30 could attend a final session, which took place in October, relates “The Jura Daily”, the others having been declared in definitive failure because of insufficient results also in other branches. But the third attempt will not have delivered a more encouraging verdict: according to figures obtained by the media, only five students, out of the 24 who actually presented themselves, would have passed the exam. The HEP-BEJUNE did not confirm these figures and indicated that the remedies were open. Quoted by “Le Quotidien jurassien”, the rector of the high school however recalled that gaps in the school curriculum could have repercussions on studies. He explained that a matu obtained with a 3 in French was enough to enter HEP or university, but not necessarily enough to succeed in his studies.


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