Jürgen Conings: the hunter filmed the body and allegedly sold the images, the prosecution opens an investigation

The Limburg public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation for breach of privacy and image rights.

LThe Limburg public prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal investigation because of the suspicions weighing on a hunter who allegedly filmed the corpse of soldier Jürgen Conings, the king’s prosecutor confirmed on Monday. The images were then allegedly purchased and broadcast by a foreign media.

“We will examine what legal qualification will be given to the facts,” said magistrate Jeroen Swijsen. Several cyclists, including the mayor of Maaseik Johan Tollenaere (Open Vld), had noticed Sunday a strong smell of decomposing corpses during a mountain bike ride in Dilserbos.

A hunter had also smelled the foul odor before setting off to research its provenance, believing it to be a decaying animal. He then came across the corpse of Jürgen Conings at the foot of a tree, in a dense area of ​​wood that is difficult to access.

The hunter filmed and photographed the scene and the footage was then reportedly sold. The prosecution, which believes that relatives should always be taken into account, has opened an investigation.


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