Jürgen Klopp wants Steven Gerrard as a coach

Jurgen Klopp has long since committed. “If I was asked who should follow me, I would say Stevie. I’ll help him whenever I can, ”said the Liverpool coach some time ago about his possible successor. That Stevie is by the way the longtime LFC captain Steven Gerrard. And he’s in the process of transforming the long starving Rangers from Glasgow into something like a copy of Klopp’s Liverpool and thus almost inevitably positioning himself as the heir of the German who is probably the most popular German on the island.

After 14 matchdays, the Rangers are leading the Scottish Premiership and have already scored an astonishing 37 goals. Alone the most recent 8: 0 against bottom line Hamilton was a football festival – including a pathetic announcement from Gerrard. “Our stadium will be a fortress again. We want to be a terrible opponent and defend our goal with our lives. The opponents have come here for a long time and had a good time. That won’t happen again, ”said the 40-year-old Rangers coach. By the way, archenemy Celtic is supposed to screw up the record of ten championships in a row.

When Gerrard took up his first senior position at the Rangers two years ago, the glorious club from Ibrox was completely out of paint. Although they quickly fought their way back from the fourth division to the first floor after the bankruptcy, they were powerless against Cetic. Gerrard had come to change that – with an approach on and off the pitch not dissimilar to Klopp’s.

From day one, Gerrard made the Rangers a “bullshit-free zone”, as the Daily Mail put it. The Liverpool legend says straight out what doesn’t suit him, but never misses the necessary respect. Everyone should know where they stand, even if they don’t like to hear it. The training ground has been improved so that the players can spend more time there. The fines have also been tightened. This is how Gerrard managed to transform the heterogeneous squad into a disciplined unit that has now been unbeaten for 20 games.


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