Just 1 down.. 37 to go Liverpool today is paving the way for tomorrow.

It’s only just beginning.. Just started taking the first step.

This season is still very long. There are still many stories that will happen along the way.

Both good things.. and the story might not be so good

Last season we went through a beautiful experience together, it was brilliant, looking back and absorbing it again is still tingling. Liverpool are vying for all four trophies until the last day.

Since entrusting Liverpool in the late 1980s, there has never been a season where this has been experienced.

The mood of the football fans is always there. Love the team. Worried about the team. I want to see the team with the best readiness. full of strengths without weakness Where there is still not looking into the way, I want to finish it.. complete is normal

We all know that Jurgen Klopp and his team have always answered our questions. Last season there were questions about midfielders like this. There are only a number of people who have a history of injuries that are not trustworthy at all. Until only 3-4 people are left to play.

But that number of midfielders led us to win four titles in a historic season.

Or in the league championship season is full of doubts. Just won the European Championship. Plus, the Premier League has collected 97 points, but won the runner-up, why not buy more? The results were as they were seen. Klopp led a team full of questions to rampage over the much-awaited title.

This season, just the first game, there are the same questions, the same nature, but many people understand Klopp better. The heart may be cheering for a new midfielder as well, but the end result is at the boss. Let’s do it anyway

As far as polls in many comments The cheers to buy seem a little more than a push for existing ones. Some people have already decided on the future of the team that if they don’t buy it, they won’t survive.

  • – Buy it, get the quality one. If the injured come back and pile up or don’t play, it can’t be helped. If you’re good enough, you’ll have to squeeze into the real thing.
  • – You don’t have to buy it yet. The available midfielders are still enough and of quality. It’s another chance for youngsters like Harvey Elliott, Fabio Carvalho or Curtis Jones to prove their worth, or Naby Keita will soon recover from injury. And James Milner is still able to help support the team, accidentally when Thiago is back on the pitch we may not even know it’s been 4-6 weeks.

For me, I’m in the back. Still confident in the quality of the team available and excited to see Elliott Carvalho or Keita perform (Curtis too) as far as seeing the team play if midfield three. Two main characters and one expansion game can still go too smoothly.

Still, I understand the view that I want to buy a midfielder as well. I didn’t feel that I disagreed with anything. Well, in the end, it’s really at Klopp. how he will decide There are many reasons and conditions. which we cannot reach behind

How will it be? It’s not unattractive to use existing players. believe that you can fight Or if we are to postpone the acquisition of targets that are aimed at 1-2 faster markets, like when rushing to grab Luis Diaz before being cut off by Spurs, it’s ok. no hindrance

Because if Liverpool really buy the people who are the targets. It’s pretty reliable, isn’t it?

Let’s just say that the midfielder is now waiting to see the decision of Klopp again. I believe that he and his team will have a lot of discussion. But if I had to guess the conclusion, I still think he wouldn’t buy anyone more.

In the last ten days I have been at home the most in years. Staying in the house and not going out. The two ATK test results that show or not force me to go anywhere.

life changed as well It’s like getting to know your home better. No, more about the office where you have to be confined to it all the time. because it is not good to walk around the house

It has free time to write, work, lie down and read books. Opened YouTube and looked at it.

With Liverpool, of course. See the story of the love team, both new and old. Look back at the times we started cheering for John Barnes, Rushie Beardsley. Or when entering adolescence, the Fowler gang, McGa Redknapp, Collymore chasing after Owen Hamann, Hyypia, Tity Kamara..

Much love to Captain Gerrard. Or be amazed by the phenomenon Torres and Suarez? It’s the ultimate happiness.

Istanbul 2005. Whenever I look at it, my eyes are filled with tears. The more I looked, the more I felt that the night was wonderful.

As I watched over and over, memories popped up to greet me from time to time.

And I also watched various activities. of Liverpool and the Kop It once again reaffirmed to us that Liverpool have a very strong tradition and bond between fans and the club.

It is who we are, who we are, in a unique way.

Proud of us for being us Guidelines for playing Guidelines for cheering Guidelines for giving encouragement to each other

Approaches to Standing Up and Fighting for Righteousness Not fighting for yourself, but to protect the honor of your brother’s friend.

The long battle to free the 96 lives of Hillsborough is an example. It’s a really great fight for the absent.

For nearly thirty years, the relentless struggle has finally turned injustice into fairness. Allegations of lies have vanished. All the uncleanness that had contaminated the 96 souls was cleansed (before the 97th one was later blown away).

That’s what clearly reflects the phrase You’ll never walk alone.

Do it for people who don’t have the opportunity to explain. do it for the people who are not there I didn’t do it for myself.

From the past to the present, the Kop has really gone through a lot of battles. fight war fight against society Fight against other team rivals. or even fight with yourself

have a glorious period There was a period of gloom and depression.

Arrived today.. I pinch myself again Liverpool are at a point where they don’t even dare to think they’ll arrive a decade ago.

Everything looks professional. As a team that has the potential to chase success How the results of each game will be is another matter. Win or lose it can happen. But managing from the top down to the field personnel is a sustainable security.

Until the day Jurgen Klopp came to work at Anfield.. On that day, I still didn’t dare to think that in just seven years, the club will come to this point where there is no need to explain how far we’ve come.

In the clip, Klopp shows up to surprise Jamie Webster in the middle of a small concert. of Michigan fans During the US tour in July 2018, I smiled at the pictures I saw. music heard and many comments

One of those comments took me back in time.. Not too long ago, just three years ago. But I know it will be etched in my memory and all the Kop for a long time.

I went to Anfield Tuesday night to “see Messi”

I left having experienced the best moment of my life. Cheers to the city of Liverpool.

It’s Jay Wehenberg’s comment. He came in to comment a year after the clip was uploaded to YouTube. I don’t know you, but I know what game Tuesday night you’re talking about.

think back again Put your own feelings into that night again. It’s One of the best moment of life. No matter how many times I sit and think, lie down, do some flips and think, the answer will never change.

I watched the clip where John Aldridge and Steve Hunter dubbed the game live. Again, it’s a round that I don’t know how much. I never get bored and smile every time I see them shouting and hugging each other, happy to be out of the world like children with toys.

At 1-0 2-0 there was a feeling, but at 3-0, we just smiled widely. Waiting to see the reaction at 4-0, both of them didn’t disappoint at all.

say and miss Let’s go back and take another look.

Come to think of it, this is life..

After the happiness of that night Liverpool went all the way to the top with a sixth European Championship title, it was followed by the Premier League title the following season. But then there was a big crisis, the defender was injured, raised the panel. His performance fell like a broken bird, losing six straight home games for the first time in club history.

Anguish spread throughout. The doubt returned again.

Then Alisson Becker headed the miracle goal. jumped to finish third in the struggling season. But it was the beginning of a remarkable four-champion slinging expedition.

The excitement and pride soared high. But the conclusion is that the league and European champions are missed.

In the smile there was a hint of disappointment. And then the new season begins with another doubt.

It goes on and on like this. This is life, its ups and downs, glowing and falling.

If one thing I believe a lot of people feel the same way is that our team is in the hands of the right people. To whom we are ready to give all our faith and trust.

Let’s go. Where are you going? We’re with you.

Looking back on these stories in flashback, the good, the bad, the winning game, the losing game, the laughter, the tears, the laughter, the regrets, all spun around like a fast-paced montage. I saw that the draw at Craven Cottage last Saturday was a meager.

It’s just one of the problems that we will overcome. life is learning Found a mistake and fixed it. Develop yourself.. so is football

Liverpool today is paving the way for tomorrow. It’s been like this since the first day Jürgen Klopp took over.

Just 1 down.. 37 to go

It’s only just beginning.. This season has just begun taking its first steps. There are still many stories that will happen along the way.

Of course, both are good.. and the story might not be so good But we will be ready to deal with it with our team. Well, isn’t the Kop always fighting?

dong quai

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