Just called and talked! Shocked mother, daughter being stabbed by boyfriend’s madness, said she had warned

Mother girlfriend is very sad, enamored with her boyfriend’s madness. Grabbed a knife and stabbed to death. Lean to take the matter to the end, revealing that the child had been attacked as well, but survived.

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From the case of Mr. Thiti (reserve his last name), 30 years old, had a manic episode, stabbed Ms. Methinee (reserved his last name), 27 years old, died inside a house, Prawet Subdistrict, Prawet District, Bangkok by the mother of The perpetrators said the child was hallucinating, had a ringing in his ears, and was constantly hearing people telling him to do something. It has been since 2019. He took me to receive treatment for sickness at Vibharam Hospital. According to the news already read news : Shocked mother! Mentally ill man stabbed his girlfriend in the bedroom, revealing that he was going to take him for treatment

The latest was at 1:30 p.m. on August 17, 2022 at the Rad al-Yannah Mosque. Inside Soi On Nut 17, Intersection 24, Miss Areeya (last name reserved), 45 years old, opened up to ‘News Online’ after Ms. Methinee, her daughter, passed away. Due to being stabbed by Mr. Thiti with a knife that his daughter and Mr. Thiti, this boyfriend, have been in a relationship for 2-3 years, with the daughter telling the story of her boyfriend I learned that last year The daughter said that she brought her boyfriend to the provinces. to treat mental illnesses that cannot be controlled by themselves

Ms. Areeya further said that throughout the time that her daughter was in a relationship with this boyfriend He was always worried. because the daughter had been strangled before But the daughter fights back, hit the bottle on the head, so it’s okay. He is very worried about the child. therefore gave advice that I want my daughter to come out of there. because if not out One day the child may die.

Ms. Areeya said that, but the son confirmed to him that Can control and ask to try first because he wanted to take his girlfriend to heal So he only worried about his children, staying at a distance from the condo with his daughter but in different rooms. Throughout the time that his daughter was in a relationship with Mr. Thiti The men had never met face to face. Every time you meet, you always hide your face. Walking in the park, never raising a hand because he knows he doesn’t like him

Ms. Areeya said that she last talked to her daughter on August 16. You didn’t complain or tell me anything about your boyfriend. There was only talk about my child’s shoulder pain. Therefore, he recommended the clinic to be treated. The child was still laughing at him. But what they have noticed is that lately children tend to share or post sad messages on social media.

Miss Areeya also said that she did not ask anything. But he was worried from a distance and believed that his daughter Keng should be able to handle it until this happened. He was shocked and shocked. think it’s not real So he went to see the child’s corpse at the hospital and saw that his eyes were frozen. I think he probably still cares about his family.

Mother girlfriend is very sad, enamored with her boyfriend's madness.  grabbed a stab to death  Lean to the end

Mother girlfriend is very sad, enamored with her boyfriend’s madness. grabbed a stab to death Lean to the end

“We are fascinated by the death of our daughter. Because in the area where the daughter lives, there are many relatives of the man. When arguing, be sure to be loud. and surely someone will hear So I wonder why during the quarrel, no one came to see our daughter. We do not believe that it was done because it was crazy. We believe that he did because he doesn’t want our children to be better because of the past Money is involved The man’s family likes to accuse the daughter of using the man’s money. which the daughter had told and confirmed that it was not true We didn’t think our daughter would end up with someone like this. It would be more likely to die,” Ms Areeya said.

Ms. Areeya also said that after this incident The other party’s family still hasn’t come to talk to him. Previously, there were rumors that they had already been cleared, that was not true. must be prosecuted to the end The child must not die free. However, the funeral rites of the daughter in Islam are to bathe the daughter before wrapped in white cloth, put the body in a shed, and pray for the deceased and bury the daughter at 5:00 p.m. .Today’s

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