Just Eat will have its own fleet of salaried delivery drivers in Spain

The platform Just Eat Takeaway it will have its own fleet of salaried delivery men in Spain. The Dutch multinational food delivery company advances to this newspaper that, over the next few weeks, will begin to incorporate hundreds of riders
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Just Eat thus becomes the first major platform that directly hires couriers. The decision comes at a key moment for the group. The Government finalizes a law that aims to force the platforms of the delivery to hire the distributors as salaried and not self-employed, a model endorsed by a recent Supreme Court ruling.

The Dutch group will combine the new model with the subcontracted distribution and the restaurant’s own

However, Just Eat has always distanced itself from controversy. In Spain, it has never operated with the riders freelance as do its biggest competitors – Glovo, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Stuart. To date, the platform left the delivery in the hands of restaurants or offered a delivery service through logistics companies. The general director of the company in Spain, Patrik Bergareche, points out that, for this reason, the decision to incorporate the riders in its workforce it is due exclusively to its plan to improve the optimization of the service and not to the new law prepared by the Ministry of Labor.

In fact, this model – called scoober – is already present in 120 European cities (Amsterdam, Paris, London and Berlin among them). Its true promoter was Takeaway, which merged with Just Eat in 2019. “Knowing the experience in other cities, we see that the model allows better delivery times and better employee loyalty.” The manager comments that the platform usually hires the courier temporarily or via temporary employment agency and for a 20-hour shift, concentrated on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Regarding salary, Bergareche comments that “it is still to be defined” but that “a delivery person could exceed 1,000 gross euros in salary, charging more than 12 euros per hour.” As for restaurants, the company will keep the delivery service commission at a maximum of 30% per order. “We will not pass on the increased costs of direct contracting.”

In fact, the manager points out that the costs of the new service will not be too high. “A large part of the investment was already budgeted to deal with the subcontracting of the distribution to logistics companies, which already passed on to us the value of Social Security contributions, the largest expense involved in implementing the new model. Mainly, we are going to invest in motorcycles and electric bikes and protective equipment ”.

Everything indicates that this modality will be a minority in the Just Eat service in Spain. Currently, more than 80% of the delivery is under restaurant management and about 20% is provided by the company through the subcontracting of more than a thousand delivery people. The idea is that, from now on, this 20% is combined between direct and indirect contracting, especially in the cities with the greatest activity such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Bilbao or Seville. The company’s plan is, therefore, to directly hire hundreds of delivery men.

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