Just released, Metroid Dread is already emulated in 4K on PC

Gamers have managed to emulate Metroid Dread on PC at 4K resolution just two days after its Switch release.

Image credits: Nintendo

Nintendo greatly surprised fans of Metroid, which is one of the two games that gave its name to the genre of Metroidvania (2D action-adventure and platform games). The video game publisher has indeed released this weekend on Switch Metroid Dread, the first 2D game of the saga Metroid For more than 20 years.

Just two days after its release, the game is emulated on PC in 4K

In Metroid Dread, bounty hunter Samus Aran confronts an army of EMMI robots These combat robots sent to fight the X parasites have finally been contaminated by their enemies, so that Aran must destroy the machines that have become hostile in every corner of the planet ZDR, each more dangerous than the next.

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Barely released on Switch consoles, Metroid Dread has been hijacked by fans. In less than two days, they managed to emulate the Switch game on a PC, with 4K resolution to boot.. The hackers would use open source Nintendo Switch emulators, allowing them to change the refresh rate of the game and therefore achieve perfect 4K resolution. Youtuber Gaminja posted a video of his emulated copy of Metroid Dread on PC with a 6GB GTX 1060 graphics card, and we have to admit that the result is visually impressive.

Nintendo Switch doesn’t support 4K (and it’s not yet clear if its successor will)

Why would players take the risk of offending Nintendo? The Japanese publisher, of course, does not welcome downloading its brand new game from unofficial sources. This is obviously because the Nintendo Switch does not offer a display in 4K resolution, and it is not yet known if its future Switch Pro version will do so.

The recently released Switch OLED model does not support 4K either, although the HDMI cable and the dock of this Switch are perfectly suited to do so.

The first reviews of Metroid Dread have been overwhelmingly positive. Following Metroid Fusion, released 20 years ago, there is a gameplay similar, very lively and the special atmosphere that made the charm of all the games Metroid in the past. Originally scheduled for release on Nintendo DS, delayed due to technical restrictions, it was finally announced this summer for release on Switch.

Source : Screenrant

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