Justice charges Huawei with theft of company secrets

DThe American judiciary has brought another criminal charge against the Chinese technology group Huawei. Huawei is accused of attempting to steal its competitors’ trade secrets, the Brooklyn prosecutor said.

The new allegations are directed against Huawei and two of its American subsidiaries. The Chinese telecom giant is, according to the government, a threat to national security. President Donald Trump also called on allies in Europe to exclude Huawei from expanding to the new 5G mobile network. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper also pushed for it at the Munich Security Conference this week.

Huawei denies allegations

National security advisor Robert O’Brien also said this week that Huawei could use its technology to secretly dial into connections. The company denies this: It “never has and will never secretly gain access to telecommunications networks, nor do we have the ability to do that.” Huawei also denied the latest allegations in a message and called them undeserved.

The Brooklyn prosecutor had already charged Huawei with suspected bank fraud. Another charge was filed against the group in Seattle last year, also for attempting to steal trade secrets, against T-Mobile.


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