Justice gave rise to the claim of Magalí Gil and the body of Diego Maradona for now will not be cremated

Figure of Diego Armando Maradona it continues to generate lights and shadows. Almost a month after his death, on November 25, Justice this Wednesday gave rise to the demand for Magalí Alejandra Gil, a 25-year-old girl who wants to know her identity and to know if Diego is her biological father.

In the resolution issued by the National Civil Court of First Instance No. 56 by Dr. Jorge Ignacio Sobrino Reig, the National Civil Court of First Instance No. 27 is put “in the proceedings” where the succession process is carried out. “in the face of the death of Mr. Maradona on November 25, 2020, a fact of public knowledge that does not require his accreditation in this instance, Mrs. Gil requests that the histocompatibility study be carried out as an advance test and that for this purpose the acting Prosecutor’s Office submits the DNA sample obtained from the person being sued “.

And he adds that “he requests that ‘as a precautionary measure order and notify the Jardin Bella Vista Cemetery, San Miguel, Province of Buenos Aires, the prohibition to innovate on the mortal remains of Mr. Diego Armando Maradona, so that their heirs and / or direct relatives and / or third parties do not have the cadaveric remains and the body is preserved thus avoiding its cremation‘”.

Magalí Gil was born in December 1995 and was given up for adoption. Two years ago he found out that Diego Maradona could be his biological father, after a talk with his biological mother whom he had just met. Until that moment she knew her mother’s name but had not had concerns about her parents.

From that moment on, his lawyer, Marcelo Izquierdo, took the case to court and contacted Matías Morla, Diego’s lawyer, who had assured that his client was open to having the corresponding analyzes done to find out if the young woman was his daughter.

In case the DNA compatibility analysis of Magalí and Diego Maradona is “positive”, the young woman would become the sixth heir of the former soccer player along with Dalma, Giannina, Diego Jr, Jana and Diego Fernando.


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