Justice has ruled: Uber banned in Brussels from this Friday?

The Brussels Court of Appeal has issued a judgment that could end the existence of mobility giant Uber in Brussels. According to the Brussels courts, the order to cease operating issued in 2015 against UberPop (which allowed individuals to provide passenger transport services) also applies to mobility services provided by drivers. LVC type professionals (car rental service with drivers). Concretely, this means that from this Friday, November 26, 6 p.m., applications such as Uber can no longer operate legally in Brussels.

Uber demands reform of current legislation

“This decision was taken on the basis of outdated regulations, written in an era before smartphones, which the government has promised and failed to reform over the past seven years. We are deeply concerned for the 2,000 LVC drivers in Brussels who will lose their ability to generate income from Friday.We urge the Brussels Government to act quickly to reform once and for all the taxi and LVC sector, so that drivers can continue to work and provide for the needs of their families “, complained Laurent Slits, who heads Uber’s operations in Belgium, when commenting on this decision.

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