Justice League: Joker and Black Superman star in trailer

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Mexico City / 14.02.2021 10:26:33

Spectacular! This has been the trailer for Justice League Snyder Cut, the new installment of the League of Justice which will be released next March through a platform streaming.

With an improved and dark photograph, unpublished scenes and characters that we did not see in the 2017 film, DC Comics gives us a small taste of what many experts have called the ‘Masterpiece’ of the superhero movies.

In the preview revealed this weekend, situations that we already saw in the first installment are observed, like Superman’s death return, but this time in the awesome black suit, the painful life story of Flash and the fight of Wonder Woman for finding the danger that threatens humanity.

However, near the end of the video, what steals the spotlight was the scene of Batman’s strange dreams, where in addition to seeing part of what already happened in 2017, it is now also included al Joker de Jared Leto and a brutal appearance.

The reactions to the trailer were immediate, the social networks did their job and quickly put #SnyderCut as a world trend.

How different is this movie from the first one?

In 2016, while filming Justice League, the daughter of Zack Snyder passed away, reason why it had to leave the filming and production of the film almost 90% finished. DC Y Warner they decided to bring Josh Whedon to finish the job.

However, once this came out, Snyder He said that they had changed practically the whole story of what he had already worked on.

Once the mourning was over and after several talks with DC, it was decided to release this new material, with some scenes already recorded and the inclusion of characters like Jared Leto and his Joker.

Justice League Snyder Cut will hit the screens on March 18 through HBO max.


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