Justify Winslow finally integrated, Jaren Jackson Jr. more very far from the goal?

Strong winners of the Clippers tonight, the Grizzlies are starting to see the end of the tunnel when it comes to injuries and that’s good for them. While Justise Winslow is finally integrated into the rotation, it should not be long before we see Jaren Jackson Jr. on the court. When the second best player on your team comes back, it’s usually pretty positive.

Little is said about them but the Memphis Grizzlies are having a pretty solid season in the terrible Western Conference. With a record of 50% and two wins less than the eighth, there is clearly optimism to be had for the next few months. The most interesting thing about this team is that they managed with leaders who squatted the infirmary. Ja Morant has already missed eight games this season and Jaren Jackson Jr. hasn’t even been able to put on his shorts yet. For a team that has to deal regularly with the big cars of the West, we have seen better news. It is precisely there that we can see the excellent work of Taylor Jenkins who knew how to find the solutions to make the whole group step-up. Kyle Anderson, Tyus Jones, Dillon Brooks, Jonas Valanciunas, Grayson Allen, Desmond Bane, Xavier Tillman, so many players who were able to help fill the gaps and keep Memphis in the race. Ja Morant is now back and in All-Star form, we now have to hope to recover the last absent. A list from which we can now remove the name of Justise Winslow, FINALLY recovered from thirteen months of unavailability. How about Jaren Jackson Jr soon? Adrian Wojnarowski d ‘ESPN had explained in mid-February that the strong winger would be back shortly after the All-Star Break.

“I think there is optimism, there is hope to see it… during the second half of the season. The break is from March 5 to 10. A little after that. “

Obviously the Woj ‘is not a doctor, but he has perhaps some echoes on a possible schedule to manage the return of the second star from Memphis. Taylor Jenkins himself announced the player’s return to training around February 18 and while this is only a limited turnout, there is clearly a hint of optimism about seeing JJJ soon. on the NBA floors. Even playing it safe (to transfer all the back-to-backs for example), Memphis will need his presence to negotiate a second part of the season that promises to be intense (40 matches in 68 days) and particularly raised. In particular, they have a huge road trip between early April and early May with fifteen away games in a month. Suffice to say that they will not need to unpack the suitcase very often.

The Grizzlies are gearing up for a particularly difficult second half of the season, but the good news is that they can count on all of their strength to fight for the Playoffs. Justise Winslow was finally able to do three games and now Jaren Jackson Jr. is not very far from the goal after months on the sidelines. To catch a spot in the West, everything is good to take, like really everything.

Text source: ESPN

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