Jutatip wins two time trials in a row – Chinese two-wheeler coach Praise Thai riders

Jutathip – track bike race Thailand Championship win the royal trophyQueen Sirikitannual 2565 the field 2 during the day 1-3 July 2565 at the Velodrome Within the Sports Authority of Thailand, Hua Mak, which is organized under the prevention of epidemic measures according to the Prof.. strictly defined

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for the competition on 2 July is the second day of competition. There is a competition. 17 gold coin time trial 500 meters, general female models, it appears that the champion also belongs toCaptain BeezCaptain Jutathip Maneephan, national team cyclist, gold medalist at the SEA Games 31 from the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense 37.969 seconds, which is to win this championship 2 consecutive field, at 2 N.S.Yaowaret Jitmat, Siam Technological College team. 38.827 second, at 3 R.T.T.Ying Phannarai Rasi, Royal Thai Police teamgogi time 39.590 second

Other model results Time Trial 500 meters, age not over 23 female year at 1 N.S.Yaowaret Jitmat, Siam Technology College team, Time Trial 1 km. male general model at 1 S.T.Wachirawit Saenkhamwong, Army cycling team time trial 1 km. age not over 23 male year at 1 S.T.Wachirawit Saenkhamwong, Army Cycling Team, Time Trial 1 km. male youth version at 1 Mr. Nonthasak Raksa Sri Fisherman Friends Chiang Mai Team time trial 500 meter, young female model at 1 N.S.Thiitchaya Khaodee, Bangkok Sports School team & Roojai

reject.inkGeneral Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Association of Thailand Under the Royal Patronage revealed that from their assignment toCoach TomWisut Kasiyapat, vice president of technical department of the association with the coaching staff, led by Mr..Li Hai Yuan, Chinese trainer collecting data of Thai athletes in various competitions A Chinese trainer commented that Thai riders have good skills. but still lacking in strength

Li Haiyuan revealed that it may be because during the 2 Last year, there was an epidemic of coronavirus.-19 Athletes therefore rarely have the opportunity to compete. including lack of training and serious introversion

I would like to commend General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Sports Association. that attaches great importance to the sport of cycling during 2-3 Last year, the Thai national cycling team has continued to develop. until it is known throughout Asia Even China, which has the top cyclists in Asia, has to keep an eye on Thai cyclists in particular. including Vietnam and India, which are developing rapidly as well. We are also looking for skilled athletes. and trying to find real diamonds to cut now he looks 1 people are.S.Chitraphon Saising from Amnat Charoen Pittayakom SchoolSports Association of Amnat Charoen Province who is a skilled, intelligent athlete, but lacks continuous training

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