Juve, after Matuidi it will be Khedira and Higuain’s turn: no capital gains, but 35 million gross salaries saved | First page

Juve’s season is over, even too early despite being the longest ever and the most complicated of the last nine years. And at the same time the machine has already started to revolutionize the staff for next season. Breaking down the amount of wages by raising the quality rate was already Fabio Paratici’s impossible double mission, which had been underway for some time, then Andrea Agnelli publicly underlined that even the rejuvenation phase can no longer wait. By mixing it all up, big sacrifices are needed even on the budget. Leaving even those who have no market to justify takings for Juve leave without wasting any more time. With three players in particular representing the priorities for departures: Blaise Matuidi, Sami Khedira, Gonzalo Higuain. Here we are no longer talking about capital gains or collections, but about savings within the amount of wages. IS if Juve were to be able to find an agreement with all three by the end of the month, it would cut the seasonal costs by about 35 million in gross salaries: not cheap.

MATUIDI – Matuidi’s adventure at Juve is practically over. This is a non-chance, such is the goodness of the relationship between the parties. The French midfielder has decided to embrace the cause of the MLS by accepting the proposal of Inter Miami, Juve do not oppose and will not oppose. Medical examinations have already been carried out in Parisi, for a few minutes there was also an official communiqué that was not yet to leave. Because? For the simple reason that something is still missing to make ends meet. Juve, by letting the Frenchman leave for free, will realize a loss of a few million having exercised the option to extend the contract until 30 June 2020, the savings on the salary (4 million net) should be total and perhaps also need the the Frenchman renounces the quota frozen during the lockdown. Details, perhaps, or a little more. It remains only a matter of time.

KHEDIRA – Here the discourse becomes complicated. Sami Khedira has already rejected the first consensual resolution proposal, his salary is even heavier, from 6 million until 30 June (in addition to the share to be redistributed last season, about two months out of four). But for Juve it is a luxury that they no longer want to allow, the speeches are proceeding and a significant step forward will be needed by the German who also filters the will to stay until the end of the contract. The arm wrestling has begun.

HIGUAIN – Compared to Khedira, the Higuain case, however, starts from the desire of Pipita to return home. But the figures are even heavier. On the balance sheet he weighs for the last 18 million, he earns 7.5 million plus the usual two months to consider, to reach a good agreement for Juve a serious offer from the next club would be needed (whether it is River Plate or any other ) or an almost total renunciation by Higuain of the money still owed to him on the card. Distant parties, but both Juve and the Pipita entourage seem willing to solve it without going too long.

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