“Kaamelott: First part”: Alexandre Astier saw the film with a fan who tries to beat an incredible record

He wants to beat the world record for viewing the same film thanks to “Kaamelott: Premier section”. And Arnaud Klein, a Reims fan of the saga, was able to count on a strong supporter.

Director Alexandre Astier actually came in person on Wednesday to watch the feature film with him. A promise he had made at the end of July, after being informed of this cinematographic challenge, namely to ensure 203 viewings.

When the filmmaker asked him on Twitter if he liked “Kaamelott: First part”, Arnaud Klein replied: “Enough to see him 188 times Sire”.

Touched by his approach, Alexandre Astier retorted: “Good. So it passes. I will come and do one with you in the summer to support you in the operation ”.

To succeed in this crazy bet, and enter the Guinness World Records, Arnaud Klein will have to beat the American Ramiro Alanis who has watched the film 191 times. «Avengers : Endgame» At the movie theater. The 203e “Kaamelott: First part” session will be organized for the French, this Saturday.

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