Kaffountine: 2 deaths and 8 injured in the capsizing of a canoe

Ziguinchor, Sept 30 (APS) – A canoe carrying supporters of a football team from the municipality of Kaffountine (Bignona, south) capsized this Thursday at dawn, killing two and wounding eight, the team learned. APS from an official source.

The facts took place in the early hours of the morning in Kouba, one of the many islands of Casamance, which housed a football hen as part of the departmental phases of the Navétanes movement in Bignona, said our interlocutor.

Kaffountine’s ASC Kéréwane qualified for the semifinals on Wednesday. The rest of the tournament was to be played in Kaffountine. The capsized canoe was carrying supporters who wanted to precede the team to the scene. But she capsized. Two daughters died. Eight people including 7 girls are injured, ” our source explained.

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