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The family of Kalimuthu, who did not have time to get married

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 1:01 AM IST

Kollam: Four members of a family were killed in a road accident in Kollam on Friday. The place was in a state of disarray.
Govindapuram New Colony The wall of Kali Muthu’s house stands in the rain Posted by.
Kali Muthu and his wife Uma lost their children due to rain water leaking on the wall. Dharth and Sreejith move to the next room. The incident was evasive.
Fifty-five years ago, the head of a Scheduled Caste community came home. Posted by. Kali Muthup later said that she did not receive any financial assistance for the protection. Which is.
Still under threat of financial crisis due to lack of finances The number of people in the house. The other walls inside the house are getting wet.

Kalimuthu was diagnosed with pneumonia three months ago. Vilayoti was treated at a private medical college.
For treatment of Rs. 80,000 which was in hand and borrowed from acquaintances. Came. Even if the laborer, Kali Muthu, is free from the disease, the old man is still ill. It starts with the house itself.
The wife earns a living from her employer’s income. Pushing the tumbler away.
In fact, it is worse then worthless, it consumes time and resources but returns no sales.
You can also apply for a mortgage loan on a rental basis. The whole family is in trouble.


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