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Kalina Ocktaranny’s Feelings Shattered Instantly When Vicky Prasetyo Lied To Himself, Vicky’s Mother: I’m Not Lying Yes

Feeling Kalina Ocktaranny Destroyed Instantly When You Know Vicky Prasetyo Lying Himself, Mother Vicky: I’m Not Lying Yes

WIKEN.IDVicky Prasetyo and Kalina Ocktaranny has now gone a step further.

The two of them have formalized their relationship.

The moment Kalina Octaranny had been waiting for has finally come true.

He was proposed Vicky Prasetyo, Sunday (24/1/21) at the Kemang Pratama Regensi Housing Complex, Bekasi, West Java.

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The application program was also attended by Vicky Prasetyo’s family, including his mother and children.

On that occasion, Vicky’s mother, Emma Fauziah, actually revealed a surprising fact.

As if Kalina was heartbroken, apparently there was talk that had been thought to be factual.

This is related to the news that Vicky has claimed to have been married 24 times.

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Emma Fauziah firmly denied the news.

Not 24 times, Emma Fauziah said that her son had just been married 3 times.

This is not in accordance with what has been discussed by many people in the media.

“Actually, Vicky has only been married 3 times (including Kalina), the 24 times are just a gimmick.

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I’m not lying, right, I’m not defending my child, but to be honest 3 times, “said Emma Fauziah during Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Ocktaranny’s application program on the YouTube channel Kitchens Online, Thursday (28/1/21).

Emma Fauziah once again emphasized that all the words of Vicky Prasetyo, who has been married dozens of times, are just a gimmick.

However, these words continued to be uttered and eventually was considered true by many people.

“24 times being married is a gimmick,” said Emma Fauziah.

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Hearing the story of his mother, Vicky can only be silent without being able to argue.

Emma Fauziah also admitted that she was uncomfortable when Vicky Prasetyo boasted in the media that she had been married 24 times.

Nevertheless, he tried to be honest on the day of his son’s proposal with Kalina Ocktaranny.

“I used to say, ‘Why Vicky, how come you said (married) 24 times outside?’

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As a mother, I feel uncomfortable, it’s just a gimmick, but it continues with them, “said Emma Fauziah.

Emma Fauziah hopes that this will be Vicky Prasetyo’s last marriage.

He also hopes that his son’s marriage to the woman who was once Deddy Corbuzier’s wife will have no drama.

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“Hopefully that will be the last one,” concluded Emma Fauziah.

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